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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 11

Numerical Method For Lower-Bound Solution Of The Rigid-Plastic Limit Analysis Problem (Article)
Subject: Direct Iterative Algorithm For Limit Analysis , Improved Lower-Bound Loads Using Optimaal Stress Recovery
Author: C. K Soh      T.K Chan      S. K Yu     
page:      1075 - 1081
Interaction Of Nonconservative 1d Continuum And Moving Mdof Osillator (Article)
Subject: Problem Formulation , Examples Of Application
Author: Omenzetter Piotr      Yozoau Fujino     
page:      1082 - 1088
Transition To Self-Similarity Of Diffusion Of Tracer In Turbulent Patch (Article)
Subject: Dimensional Analysis And Self-Similar Dynamics Of Turbulent Layer , Self-Similar Regimes For Cylindrical And Sphercal Cases
Author: D. V Strunin     
page:      1089 - 1098
Seismic Interaction In Cable-Connected Equipment Items (Article)
Subject: Catenary Cable As Connectiing Element , Effect Of Cable Extensibility
Author: K Hong      Armen Der Kiureghian     
page:      1096 - 1105
Drained Cyclic Behavior Of Sand With Fabric Dependence (Article)
Subject: Micro-And Macrorelatioships , Dilatancy Changes In Cyclic Loadind
Author: Richard G. Wan      Guo Pei J.     
page:      1106 - 1116
Elastic Contants Identification Of Shear Dformable Laminated Composite Plates (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Analysis Of Shear Deformable Laminated Composit Plate
Author: W. C Wang      T. Y Kam     
page:      1117 - 1123
Aerolastic Analysis Of Bridges Under Multicorelated Winds: Integrated State-Space Approach (Article)
Subject: State-Space Representation Of Response Under Winds , Modeling Of Multicorrelated Winds
Author: Xinzhong Chen      Ahsan Kareem     
page:      1124 - 1134
Wind Pressure On End-Cell-Induced Vibration Of Circular Tower (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Experimental Analysis
Author: M Kitagawa      Y Fujii      K Kimura     
page:      1135 - 1143
Transverse Shear Stiffness Of Composite Honeycomb Core With General Configuration (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Application Of Homotopy Analysis
Author: G. Frank      Pizhong Qiao     
page:      1144 - 1151
Experimental Verification Of Multiinput Seismic Control Strategies For Smart Dampers (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Experimental Setup
Author: Fu Yi     
page:      1152 - 1164
Multiple Linearization Method For Nonlinear Reliability Analysis (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Proposed Method
Author: Sankaran Mahadevan      Pan Shi     
page:      1165 - 1173
Damage Diagnosis Using Experimental Ritz Vectors (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Experimental Bridge Model
Author: Hoon Sohn      Kong Hoi Law     
page:      1184 - 1195
Heat Conduction Waves In Bilayer Cement Concrete Structures (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Formulation For Metallic Glass
Author: Chiu Liu     
page:      1195 - 1999