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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 12

Adaptive Fe Analysis Of Rc Shells.I: Theory (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Defination Of Error Measure For Elastoplastic Material Behavior , From Stress Recovery To Error Estimation
Author: Roman Lackner      Herbert Mang     
page:      1203 - 1212
Adaptive Fe Analysisof Shells. Ii: Applications (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Consideration Of Reinforcement , Material Model For Reinforced Concrete
Author: Roman Lackner      Herbert A. Mang     
page:      1213 - 1222
Higher-Order Homogenization Of Initial/Boundary-Value Problem (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Homogenization Of Elastic Composites , Asymptotic Analysis With Multiple Scales
Author: J. Fish      Wen Chen     
page:      1223 - 1230
Buckling Experiments On Cone-Cylinder Intersections Under Intenal Pressure (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Model Intersection
Author: Y Zhao      J. G Teng     
page:      1231 - 1239
Experimental And Numerical Simulations Of Jointed Rock Block Strength Under Uniaxial Loading (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Laboratory Tests And Results
Author: P.H.S.W. Kulatilake      J Liang      G.-H Gao     
page:      1240 - 1247
Explicit Kinematic Solution For Tall Rigid -Jointed Frames (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Problem Description
Author: C. M Nelson     
page:      1248 - 1257
Analytical Solutions For Shallow Tunnels In Saturated Ground (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Shallow Tunnel In Dry Ground , Shallow Tunnel In Saturated Grounds
Author: Antonio Bobet     
page:      1258 - 1266
Homogenization Approach Of Advection And Diffusion In Cracked Porous Material (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Microscopic And Macroscopic Scales
Author: Luc Dormieux      Eric Lemarchand     
page:      1267 - 1274
Experimental Methods For Estimating In Situ Tensile Force In Tie-Rods (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Basic Analytical Relationships
Author: Silvia Briccoli Bati      Ugo Tonietti     
page:      1275 - 1283
Simulation Of Highly Skewed Non-Guassian Stochastic Processes (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Spectral Representation Method
Author: George Deodatis      R. C Micaletti     
page:      1284 - 1295
Bending Solutions Of Axisymmetric Levinson Plated In Terms Of Corresponding Kirchhroff Solutions (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Problem Definition And Governing Equations
Author: C. M. Wang      G. T Lim      C.C. Sim     
page:      1296 - 1309
Dynamic Load Simultor: Development Of A Prototype (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Simulator System Description
Author: Swaroop K Yalla      Ahsan Kareem      Scott Kabat     
page:      1310 - 1316
Closed-Form Solution For Reinforced Timoshenko Beam On Elastic Foundation (Article)
Subject: Refrences
Author: Hideaki Tanashanhi     
page:      1317 - 1317