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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 01

Load Vectors For Damage Localization (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Theoritical Formulation
Author: J. L Bernal-Agustin     
page:      07 - 14
Efficiency Limits For Slip-On Type Buckle Arrestors For Offshore Pipelines Stelios Kyiakides (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Review Of Performance
Author: S Kyriakides     
page:      102 - 111
Plastic Interaction Relations For Pipe Sections (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Statement Of Problem
Author: Majdi Mohareb     
page:      112 - 120
Mode Shape Corrections For Wind Load Effects (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Analysis
Author: Y. Zhou      Ahsan Kareem     
page:      15 - 23
Vertex Effect In Strain-Softening Concrete At Rotating Principle Axes (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Test Point
Author: Ferhun C Caner     
page:      24 - 33
Seimic Simulation Of Inelastic Soils Via Frequency-Dependent Moduli And Damping (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Inelastic Soil Behaviour
Author: E Kausel      D Assimaki     
page:      34 - 47
Time Domain Analysis On The Dynamic Response Of A Flexible Floating Structure To Waves (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Numerical Integration
Author: X. Liu     
page:      48 - 56
Improved Lattice Model For Concrete Fracture (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods
Author: G Arslan      F. P Incropera     
page:      57 - 65
Stochastic Finite-Element Analysis Of Seimic Soil-Structure Interaction (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Equation Discovery
Author: S. M Ghiaasian     
page:      66 - 77
Bond Slip Analysis Of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Strenthened Beams (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Interface Shear Differential Equation
Author: A Rashed      M Parvis     
page:      78 - 86
Pressure-Impulse Diagram For Blast Loads Jbased On Dimensional Analysis And Single-Degree-Od- Freedom Model (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Analytic Model
Author: Q. M Li     
page:      87 - 92
Thermomechanical Postbuckling Of Cross-Ply Laminated Rectangular Plates] (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Method Of Frame
Author: K. K Shukla      Y Nath     
page:      93 - 101