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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 02

Response Of 1/4-Scale Concrete Masonry Unit (Cmu) Walls To Blast (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Analysis Of Data
Author: N. D Dennis      Rami Reddy P. Mohan     
page:      134 - 142
Plane Turbulent Wall Jets In Shallow Tailwater (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Theoritical Development
Author: S. A Ead      N Rajaratnam     
page:      143 - 155
Study Of The Behaviour Of Concrete Under Triaxial Compression (Article)
Subject: Caratheodory'S Dimensional Method
Author: Georgios Sfikas     
page:      156 - 163
Vwave Diffraction By A Vertical Cylinder With Aporous Ring Plate (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: W. H Wu     
page:      164 - 171
Use Of Microwave For Demage Detection Of Fiber Reinforced Polymer-Wrapped Concrete Structure (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: M.Q Feng     
page:      172 - 183
Torsil Surface Waves In An Initially Zstressed Anisotropic Porous Medium (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: S Dey      S Sarkar     
page:      184 - 189
Polynomial Chaos Decomposition For The Simulation Of Non-Guassian Nonstationary Stochastic Processes (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Synthesis
Author: T Shigechi     
page:      190 - 201
Effective Hybrid/Mixed Finite Elements For Floded - Plate Structures (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: L Duan      Ayaho Miyamoto     
page:      202 - 208
Analytic Solution For Finite Transversely Isotropic Cirvular Cylinders Under The Axial Point Load Test (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: J. M Wei      K. T Chau     
page:      209 - 219
Formulation Of Cracked Beam Element For The Structural Analysis (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: V Violante     
page:      220 - 230
Eement-Free Method Based On Lagrange Polynomial Yoshitaka Suetake (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: Naomichi Sueda     
page:      231 - 239
A Boundary Element Analysis Of Quasi-Brittle Solids Containing Cracks (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: Wei Qin     
page:      240 - 248