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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 03

Size Effect On Strength Of Floating Sea Ice Under Vertical Line Load (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Brief Review Of Researches On Sea Ice Failure
Author: Papir Zdislaw      Z Guo     
page:      254 - 263
Study Of Passive Deck-Flaps Flutter Control System On Full Bridge Omenzetter (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Second-Order Statistics (Sos)
Author: Zadnek P Bazant      Krzysztof Wilde     
page:      280 - 286
Protecting Base-Isolated Structures From Near-Field Ground Motion By Tuned Interaction Damper (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Control Analysis
Author: Yangjun Zhang      W. D Iwan     
page:      287 - 294
Postbuckling Of Shear Deformable Laminated Cylindrical Shells (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Theoritical Development
Author: Hui-Shen Shen     
page:      296 - 307
Earthquake Response And Energy Evalvation Of Inelastic Structures (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Force Analog Method
Author: K. T Wong      R Yang     
page:      308 - 317
Spectral Analysis And Parametric Study Of Stochastic Pavement Loads (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Vehical Model
Author: Lu Sun      Thomas W Kennedy     
page:      318 - 327
Dynamics Of Nonviscously Damped Linear System (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Problem Formulation
Author: S Adhikari     
page:      328 - 339
Bayesian Modal Updating Using Complete Input And Incomplete Response Noisy Measurements (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Mathematical Model
Author: W. S. Yuen      G. E. C Nogueira     
page:      340 - 350
Reducing Dispersion Of Linear Triangular Elements For The Helmholtz Equation (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Finite-Element Simulation Of Granular Flow
Author: T Hara      G. E. C Nogueira     
page:      351 - 358
Time-Harmonic Analysis Of Wave Propagation In Unbounded Layered Strata With Zigzag Boundaries (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: H. Park      J. L Tassoulas     
page:      359 - 368
Addendum To " Why Did The World Trade Center Collapse?-Simple Analysis (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: Zadnek P Bazant      Y Zhou     
page:      369 - 370
Graphical Relationship Among Lame Ellipsoid And Mohr'S Circles (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: Francisco J Montans     
page:      371 - 375
Discussion Of "Structural Damage Detection From Model Strain Energy Change (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: Z. Y Shi     
page:      376 - 377