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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 04

Bayesian Updating Of Structural Models And Reliability Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation (Article)
Subject: Structural Model , Markov Chain , Reliability
Author: James L. Beck      S. K Au     
page:      380 - 391
Coupled Waveform Analysis In Dynamic Characterization Of Lossy Solids (Article)
Subject: Structural Model , Markov Chain , Reliability
Author: J.L Beck      Siu-Kui Au     
page:      392 - 402
Actuator Saturation And Contro Design For Buildings Under Seismic Excitation (Article)
Subject: Earthquake , Control
Author: J. Kim      F. Jabban     
page:      403 - 412
New Traingular Plane Element With Drilling Degrees Of Freedom (Article)
Subject: Vibration , Shell Structure , Finite Element
Author: Petr Fajman     
page:      413 - 418
Free Vibration Analysis And Design Aids Of Stiffed Conoidal Shells (Article)
Subject: Vibration , Shell Structure , Finite Element Method
Author: A.N. Nayak      S Bandyopadhyay     
page:      419 - 427
Comprehensive Composite Inelastic Fiber Element For Cyclic Analysis Of Concreete-Filled Steel Tube Columns (Article)
Subject: Tubes , Cyclic Loads
Author: S.B.B.B Aval     
page:      428 - 437
Dynamic And Seismic Analysis Of Foundations Based On Free Field B-Spine Characteristic Response Histories (Article)
Subject: Seismic Analysis
Author: Chris Rizos     
page:      438 - 448
Three-Dimensional Green'S Functions For A Mltilayered Half-Space In Displacement Potentials (Article)
Subject: Green Function , Layered Systems
Author: R. Y. S Pak      B. B Guzina     
page:      449 - 461
Stiffness Analysis Of Fiber-Renforced Rectangular Seismic Isolators (Article)
Subject: Stiffness
Author: Hsiang-Chuan Tsai     
page:      462 - 470
Elasto-Plastic Bonding Of Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors In Concrete (Article)
Subject: Elastoplasticity , Concrete , Bonding
Author: Qingbin Li      Guanglun Wang     
page:      471 - 478
Three- Dimensional Necking Bifurication In Tensile Steel Specimens (Article)
Subject: Biffurcation , Steel
Author: Shigenobu Okazawa     
page:      479 - 486
Semianalytical Model For Solid Concentration In Turbulent Pipe Flows With Dispersed Particles (Article)
Subject: Solids , Concentration , Pipe Flow With Redial Work.
Author: X.-F Chen      C. T Hsu     
page:      487 - 492
Hypothermal Effects On The Nonlinear Bending Of Shear Deformable Laminated Plates (Article)
Subject: Bending , Plates
Author: Hai Shen     
page:      493 - 496
Discussion Of "Finite Strain, Anisoropic Modified Cam Clay Model With Plastic Spin. I: Theory (Article)
Subject: Plastic Spin
Author: Chung R. Voyiadjis     
page:      497 - 498