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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 05

Temporal An And Ar In Earthquake Ground Motion At A Single Point (Article)
Subject: Earthquake , Acceleration , Ground Motion At Single Point.
Author: Mai Tong      Jian Qi     
page:      502 - 510
An Optical Approach To Structural Displacement Measurement And Its Application (Article)
Subject: Measurement , Digital Technology , Displacement
Author: Gongkang Fu      Adil G. Moosa     
page:      511 - 520
Image Damage Quantification From Elemental Modal Strain Energy Change (Article)
Subject: Damage Assessment , Structures Wooden , Strain Energy
Author: Z. Y Shi      S. S Law      L Zhang     
page:      521 - 529
Peak Non-Guassian Wind Effects For Database -Assisted Low-Rise Building Design (Article)
Subject: Building , Low-Rise Form , Probability
Author: Fahim Sadek      Emil Simiu     
page:      530 - 539
"Smart" Base Isolation Strategies Employing Magnetorheological Dampers (Article)
Subject: Damping , Base Station , Earthquake
Author: H Yoshioka      J.C. Ramallo     
page:      540 - 551
Numarical Investigation Of Fiber Reinforced Polymers Poststrengthened Concrete Slabs (Article)
Subject: Concrete Slab , Structure Reinforcement
Author: Mathias Hormann      Horst Menrath     
page:      552 - 561
Stress Transfer And Fracture Propagation In Different Kinds Of Adhesive Joints (Article)
Subject: Fractures , Crack Propagation
Author: Zhu Wu      H Yuan     
page:      562 - 573
Model Predictive Control Of Structures Under Earthquakes Using Acceleration Feedback (Article)
Subject: Earthquake , Predictive Control , Acceleration
Author: J Mai      Ahsan Kareem     
page:      574 - 585
Material Identification Procedure For Elastoplastic Drucker-Prager Model (Article)
Subject: Material Processing , Elastoplasticity , Stress-Strain
Author: Juan Jose Lopez Cela     
page:      586 - 691
Solution Method For Beam On Nonuniform Elastic Foundations (Article)
Subject: Elastic Foundation , Beams
Author: Y. J Guo      Y. Jack Weitsman     
page:      592 - 594
Unified Catastrophic Model For Colapsible Loess (Article)
Subject: Collapse , Microstructure
Author: X Miao      Z,-S Liu     
page:      595 - 598
Discussion Of "Finite Strian Anisotropic Modified Cam Clay Model With Plastic Spin Ii: Application To Piezocone Test" (Article)
Subject: Finite Strain
Author: George Z. Voyiadjis      C. H Song     
page:      599 - 600