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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 10

Probabilistic Capacity Models And Fragility Estimates For Reinforced Concrete Columns Based On Experimental Observations (Article)
Subject: Probability
Author: P Gardonio     
page:      1024 - 1038
Prediction Of Flow In Centrifugal Blower Using Quasi-Steady Rotor-Stator Models (Article)
Subject: Fluid Flow
Author: S. S Thakur     
page:      1039 - 1049
Time-Domain Methods For Solving Problems Of Linear Acoustics (Article)
Subject: Time Factors
Author: Pach Andrzej R.     
page:      1050 - 1061
Free Vibrations Of Taut Cable With Attached Damper 1: Linear Viscous Dampers\ (Article)
Subject: Vibrations
Author: G.A. Main     
page:      1062 - 1071
Free Vibrations Of Taut Cable With Attached Damper. Ii Nonlinear Damper (Article)
Subject: Vibrations
Author: G.A. Main     
page:      1072 - 1061
Turbulent Prandtl Number In Neutrally Buoyant Turbulent Round Jet (Article)
Subject: Imaging Techniques
Author: C-J Chang     
page:      1082 - 1087
Smart Base Isolation Systems (Article)
Subject: Damping
Author: J.C. Ramallo     
page:      1088 - 1099
Edge Effects In Perssurized Membranes (Article)
Subject: Effects Of Bearing , Simulation
Author: P Tata     
page:      1100 - 1104
Microstructural Finite-Element Analysis Influence Of Localized Strain Distribution On Asphalt Mix Properties (Article)
Subject: Microstructure-Evolution
Author: Eyad Masad     
page:      1105 - 1114
Effect Fo Gravity And Initial Stress On Torsional Surface Waves In Dry Sandy Medium (Article)
Subject: Gravity Loads
Author: S Dey     
page:      1115 - 1118