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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 12

Some Historical And Future Aspects Of Engineering Mechanics (Article)
Subject: History , Engineering Mechanics
Author: C.-H. Chen     
page:      1242 - 1253
Observations On Low-Speed Aeroelasticity (Article)
Subject: Aeroelasticity
Author: Robert H. Scanian     
page:      1254 - 1258
Numerical Analysis For The Nonlinear Free Vibration Of Shallow Shells (Article)
Subject: Nonlinear , Analysis
Author: P Singh     
page:      1259 - 1266
Forced Vibration Of Single-Degree-Of-Freedom Systems With Nonperiodically Time-Varying Parameters (Article)
Subject: Vibration , Time Factors , Stiffness
Author: Zhao Li     
page:      1267 - 1275
Thermoelastic Stability Of Layer Bonded To Half Plane (Article)
Subject: Thermoelasticity
Author: Derek T Schade     
page:      1285 - 1294
Saturation Effects Of Soils On Ground Motion At Free Surfsce Due To Incident Sv Waves (Article)
Subject: Ground Motion At Single Point.
Author: Jun Yang     
page:      1295 - 1313
Two-Phase Composite Model For High Performance Cementitious Composites (Article)
Subject: Composite Materials
Author: C.T. Chaung     
page:      1314 - 1323
Local Bukling Of Elasticity Restrained Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Plates And Its Application To Box Sections (Article)
Subject: Buckling , Composite
Author: C Qiao     
page:      1324 - 1330
Continous Relaxation Spectrum For Concrete Creep And Its Incorporation Into Microplane Model M4 (Article)
Subject: Creep , Concrete
Author: M Zidi     
page:      1331 - 1336
Guided Lamb Wave Propagation In Composite Plate/Concrete Component (Article)
Subject: Propagation
Author: W Luangdilok     
page:      1337 - 1341
Design And Dynamic Analysis Of An Adjustable Inertia Absorber For Semiative Structural Vibration Attenuation (Article)
Subject: Dynamic Analysis
Author: N Jalili     
page:      1342 - 1348
Stability And Delay Compensation For Real-Time Substructure Testing (Article)
Subject: Stability , Compensation
Author: Jeannie L Darby     
page:      1576 - 1284
Discussion Of Development Of Four -Node Membrane Element Containing Central Circular Hole (Article)
Subject: Development
Author: Y C Soh     
page:      l349 - 1349