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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 01

Flexible Porous Wave Barrier For Enhanced Wetlands Habitat Restoration (Article)
Subject: Barriers Films , Wetlands , Waves
Author: Sonya Williams     
page:      01 - 08
Updating Properties Of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems With Uncertain Input (Article)
Subject: Bayesian Analysis
Author: J.C Yuen     
page:      09 - 20
Buckling And Postbuckling Of Antisymmetrically Laminated Cross-Ply-Deformable Cylindrical Shells Under Axail Compression (Article)
Subject: Buckling , Cylindrical Shell
Author: J Zhang     
page:      107 - 116
Effect Of Base Fixity On Buckling Of Heavy Column With End Load (Article)
Subject: Columns , Buckling
Author: C-Y Wang     
page:      117 - 119
Shapes Of Submerged Funicular Arches (Article)
Subject: Arches , Underwater Pipeline
Author: T. C Fung     
page:      120 - 125
Fluctuations Of Turbulent Bed Shear Stress (Article)
Subject: Shear Stress , Skewness
Author: Xu Cheng     
page:      126 - 130
Discussion Of " Bem Analysis Of Two-Dimensional Elastodynamic Problems Of Anisotropic Solids" (Article)
Subject: Analysis , Two Bone Screws
Author: J Barros     
page:      131 - 134
Cohensive Fracturing And Stresses Caused By Hydration Heat In Massive Concrete Wall (Article)
Subject: Walls , Concrete
Author: Zdenek P. Bazant     
page:      21 - 30
Spectral Approach To Equivalent Statistical Quadratization And Cubicization Methods For Nonlinear Osillators (Article)
Subject: Oscillator , Nonlinear
Author: P.D Spanos     
page:      31 - 42
Algorithm For Generating Of Homogeneous Guassian Fields (Article)
Subject: Algorithm
Author: Mircea Grigoriu     
page:      43 - 49
Agging Approach To Water Effect On Alkali-Silica Reaction Degradation Of Structures (Article)
Subject: Humidity , Swelling
Author: N Steffensen     
page:      50 - 59
Spline Semidiscretization Analysis For Orthotropic Plates And Shells (Article)
Subject: Shells
Author: S Li     
page:      60 - 70
Sliding Mode Control Of Cable-Stayed Bridge Subjected To Seismic Excitation (Article)
Subject: Bridges , Cable
Author: J Moon     
page:      71 - 78
Dynamic Behavior Of Orthotropic Rectangular Plates Under Moving Loads (Article)
Subject: Dynamics , Bridge Decks
Author: X Zhu     
page:      79 - 87
Biparametric Models For Elastic Wedge Foundation (Article)
Subject: Elastic Bodies
Author: Joanna Marzeda     
page:      88 - 93
Moment Equation Analysis Of Base-Isolated Buildings Subjected To Support Motion (Article)
Subject: Base Isolation , Earthquake Excitation
Author: Giulio Fatica     
page:      94 - 106