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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 02

Structural Damage Detection And Assessment From Modal Response (Article)
Subject: Damage Assessment , Sensitivity
Author: T. Pothistri     
page:      135 - 145
Curve Veering Of Eigenvalue Loci Of Bridges With Aeroelastic Effects (Article)
Subject: Eigenvalues
Author: X.-F Chen     
page:      146 - 159
Effect Of Cross Anisotrophy On Three-Dimensional Behavior Of Sand. I: Stress - Strain Behavior And Shear Banding (Article)
Subject: Failures , Anisotrophy
Author: Andrei Abelev     
page:      160 - 166
Effects Of Cross Anisotropy On Three-Dimensional Behavior Of Sand. Ii Volume Change Behavior Anf Failure (Article)
Subject: Failure , Anisotrophy
Author: Poul V Lade     
page:      167 - 174
Dynamic Of Cable Structures (Article)
Subject: Cables
Author: K. Y Volokh     
page:      175 - 180
Exact Solutions For Buckling Of Multispan Rectangular Plates (Article)
Subject: Buckling , Plates
Author: Y Xiang     
page:      181 - 187
First- And Higher-Order Correlation Detection Using Wavelet Transforms (Article)
Subject: Correlation
Author: K. Gurley     
page:      188 - 201
Damage Detection Based On Single-Input-Single-Output Measurements (Article)
Subject: Damage Modeling
Author: P.J. Fanning     
page:      202 - 209
Effects Of Weakly Nonlinear Water Waves On Soft Poroelastic Bed With Finite Thickness (Article)
Subject: Water Waves , Boundary
Author: C.C Hsieh     
page:      210 - 222
Two Main Methods Foe Yield Line Analysis Of Slabs (Article)
Subject: Slabs Bonded
Author: Valentin Quintas     
page:      223 - 231
Incipient Motion Of Bivalve Shells On Sand Beds Under Flowing Water (Article)
Subject: Shear
Author: S Dey     
page:      232 - 240
Buckling Of Columns With Intermediate Elastic Restraint (Article)
Subject: Buckling , Columns
Author: C-Y Wang     
page:      241 - 248