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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 03

Rate-Dependent Hyperplasticity With Internal Functions (Article)
Subject: Plasticity , Viscoplastic Fluid
Author: A M Puzrin     
page:      252 - 263
Design-Oriented Analysis Of Structures-Unified Approach (Article)
Subject: Structural Analysis , Design
Author: U. Kirsch     
page:      264 - 272
Seismic Analysis And Design With Maxwell Dampers (Article)
Subject: Seismic Analysis , Seismic Design
Author: Mahendra P. Singh     
page:      273 - 282
Aeroelastic Balance (Article)
Subject: Wind Loads , Wind Tunnels
Author: Yin Zhou     
page:      283 - 292
Vibration Of Timoshenko Beams With Internal Hinge (Article)
Subject: Beams , Hinges
Author: Y.Y. Lee     
page:      293 - 301
Non-Gaussian Air Gap Response Models For Floating Structures (Article)
Subject: Gaussian Process , Floating Structure
Author: Bert Sweetman     
page:      302 - 309
Creep Of Polymer Matrix Composites. I: Norton/Bailey Creep Law For Transverse Isotropy (Article)
Subject: Creep , Polymer
Author: D.N. Robinson     
page:      310 - 317
Creep Of P[Olymer Matrix Composites. Ii: Monkman -Grant Failure Relationship For Transverse Isotropy (Article)
Subject: Creep , Composite Material , Polymer
Author: W. K Binienda     
page:      318 - dyna
Dynamic Bending Strains In Planar Trusses With Pinned Or Rigid Joints (Article)
Subject: Trusses , Joints , Bending , Strains
Author: Y. H Pao     
page:      324 - 332
Coupled Mechanical And Chemical Damage In Acalcium Leached Cementitious Structures (Article)
Subject: Concrete Structures , Cracking
Author: Caroline Bellego     
page:      333 - 341
Wave Propagation In Orthogonally Supported Periodic Curved Panels (Article)
Subject: Wave Propagation , Panels
Author: C. Pany     
page:      342 - 349
Wavelet-Galerkin Method For Free Vibrations Of Elastic Cable (Article)
Subject: Cables , Vibration , Methodology
Author: Cables Al-Qassab     
page:      350 - 357
Overfall In U-Shaped Channels (Article)
Subject: Open Channels , One-Dimensional Flow , Steady Flow
Author: S Dey     
page:      358 - 362