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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 04

Experiments On A Full-Scale Building Model Using Modified Sliding Mode Control (Article)
Subject: Sliding Mode , Active Control
Author: Jong Cheng     
page:      363 - 372
Micromechanical Modeling Of Filament Wound Cement-Based Composites (Article)
Subject: Micromechanics , Cements , Composite Materials
Author: Barzin Mobasher     
page:      373 - 382
Numerical Modeling Of Coupled Hydromechanical Degradation Of Cementitious Materials (Article)
Subject: Numerical Model , Finite Element , Cements , Degradation
Author: Gunther Meschke     
page:      383 - 392
Scale Transition In Steel-Concrete Interaction. I:Model (Article)
Subject: Steel , Concrete , Soft Clay
Author: Roman Lackner      Herbert A. Mang     
page:      393 - 402
Scale Transition In Steel-Concrete Interaction Ii: Applications (Article)
Subject: Cooling Towers , Concrete (Vessel)
Author: Roman Lackner      H.A Mang     
page:      403 - 413
Postbucling Of Pressure -Loaded Functionally Graded Cylindrical Panels In Thermal Environments (Article)
Subject: Postbuckling Of Elastic Beams
Author: Hui-Shen Shen      Y.T. Leung     
page:      414 - 425
Modeling Water And Sulphuric Acid Tranport Through Coated Cement Concrete (Article)
Subject: Cements , Concrete , Sulfuric Acid
Author: C Vipulanandan     
page:      426 - 437
Postbuckling Analysis Of Plates Resting On A Tensionless Elastic Foundation (Article)
Subject: Postbuckling Of Elastic Beams
Author: A.S. De Holanda      P.B. Goncalves     
page:      438 - 448
Random Uncertainities Model In Dynamic Substructuring Using A Nonparametric Probabilistic Model (Article)
Subject: Uncertainity
Author: C Soize      H. Chebli     
page:      449 - 457
Considerations Of Multimode Structural Response For Near-Field Earthquakes (Article)
Subject: Earthquake
Author: Ching-Tung Huang     
page:      458 - 467
Stability Criteria For Euler Colums With Intermediate And End Axial Loads (Article)
Subject: Columns , Buckling
Author: C. M. Wang      C-Y Wang     
page:      468 - 475