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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 06

Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Method Of Analysis Of Clays (Article)
Subject: Three Dimensional-Pqct Images , Clays , Discrete
Author: M Yao      A Anandarajah     
page:      585 - 596
Earthquake Response Of Elastic Single-Degree-Of-Freedom Systems With Nonlinear Viscoelastic Dampers (Article)
Subject: Earthquake
Author: Wen Hsiung     
page:      597 - 606
Biaxiality Efect On The Energy Dissipated By Elastoplastic Base-Isolators (Article)
Subject: Base Isolation
Author: Mauro Sassu     
page:      607 - 613
Analysis Of Water Waves Passing Over A Submerged Rectangular Dike (Article)
Subject: Water Waves , Dikes
Author: I-Chi Chan     
page:      613 - 626
Bounds On System Reliability By Linear Programming (Article)
Subject: Linear Programming
Author: J Song     
page:      627 - 636
Numerical Investigation Of Statiatical Properties Of Microslips In Silos (Article)
Subject: Granular Materials
Author: A. M Vinogradov     
page:      637 - 540
Asymptotic Matching Analysis Of Scaling Failure Due To Softening Hinges, I:Theory (Article)
Subject: Structural
Author: Z. P Bazant     
page:      641 - 650
Asymptotic Matching Analysis Of Scaling Of Structural Failure Due To Softening Hinges,Ii : Aplications (Article)
Subject: Hinges
Author: Adenek P Bazant     
page:      651 - 654
Laminar Water Wave And Current Passing Over Porous Bed (Article)
Subject: Laminar Flow
Author: S.-S Hsieh      John Jun Dai     
page:      655 - 664
Linear Stochastic Dynamical System Under Uncertain Load: Inverse Reliability Analysis (Article)
Subject: Reliability
Author: Abhijit Sarkar     
page:      665 - 671
Analytical Prediction Of Fatique Crack Propagation In ,Metals (Article)
Subject: Cracked Panel
Author: D.V. Ramasamooj     
page:      672 - 682
Ritz Buckling Analysis Of Rectangular Plates With Internal Hinge (Article)
Subject: Buckingham Pi Method
Author: Y. Xiang     
page:      683 - 688