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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 07

Nonlinear Buckling Simulations Of Imperfect Shell Domes By Mixed Finite Elements (Article)
Subject: Buckling Design , Shell Structure
Author: M Uchiyama      Seishi Yamada     
page:      707 - 714
State Space Formulation For Linear Viscoelastic Dynamic Systems With Memory (Article)
Subject: Viscoelasticity
Author: A. Palmeri     
page:      715 - 724
Constitutive Model For Concrete With Embedded Sets Of Reinforcement (Article)
Subject: Concrete (Vessel)
Author: S. Pietruszczak      Andrzej Winnicki     
page:      725 - 738
Nonlinear Response Of Fluid-Filled Membrane In Gravity Waves (Article)
Subject: Boundary Elements , Finite Element
Author: A.G. Phadke     
page:      739 - 750
Stability Of Stiffened Plates With Initial Imperfections (Article)
Subject: Plates , Collapse Loads.
Author: P. Alagusundaramoorthy     
page:      751 - 758
Response Of Continuous System With Stochastically Varying Surface Roughness To Moving Load (Article)
Subject: Continuous Beams
Author: Christian A. Schenk     
page:      759 - 768
Substructural Identification Method Without Interface Measurement (Article)
Subject: Substrucrture
Author: C. G Koh      K. Shankar     
page:      769 - 776
Deontamination Of Radionuclides From Concrete Bymicrowave Heating. I: Theory (Article)
Subject: Concrete , Microwaves
Author: Zdenek. P Bazant     
page:      777 - 784
Decontamination Of Radionuclides From Concret By Microwave Heaing. Ii: Computations (Article)
Subject: Computational
Author: Goangseup Zi     
page:      785 - 792
Energy Release Rate Dure To Friction At Bimaterial Interface In Dams (Article)
Subject: Cracking
Author: V. Sujatha     
page:      793 - 800
Finite Element Studies Of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Reinforced With Geogrid (Article)
Subject: Finite Element
Author: Heo I. Ling     
page:      801 - 811
Vibration Of Plates With Constrained V-Notches Or Cracks (Article)
Subject: Plates , Vibration
Author: O. G Mcgee     
page:      812 - 822
Dean Equations Extended To A Rotating Helical Pipe Flow (Article)
Subject: Pipe Flow With Redial Work.
Author: J. Zhang     
page:      823 - 829