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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 09

Computational Analysis Of Quality Reduction During Drying Of Lumber Due To Irrecoverable Deformation Ii: Algorithmic Aspects And Practical Application (Article)
Subject: Computation Fluid Dynamics
Author: Antti Hanhijarvi     
page:      1006 - 1016
Uncertain Dynamical Systems In The Medium-Frequency Range (Article)
Subject: Probabilistic Models
Author: C Soize     
page:      1017 - 1027
Fracture Model For Failure Of Beams Retrofitted With Cardifrc (Article)
Subject: Fractures , Models
Author: Farshid Jandaghi Alaee     
page:      1028 - 1038
Elasticity Of Space-Time Basis Of Newton'S 2nd Law Of Motion (Article)
Subject: Elasticity , Motion Chip
Author: Kirk C. Valanis     
page:      1039 - 1047
Imperfection Sensitivity Of Laminated Cylinderical Shells According To Different Shell Theories (Article)
Subject: Cylindrical Shells. , Laminar Flow
Author: Izhak Sheinman      A Goldfeld     
page:      1048 - 1053
Analysis Of Heterogeneous Composites Based On Moving Window Techniques (Article)
Subject: Composites , Material Properties
Author: L.L. Graham-Brady     
page:      1054 - 1064
Nonlinear Creep Damage Model For Concrete Under Uniaxial Compression (Article)
Subject: Concrete , Creep , Nonlinear , Damage Modeling
Author: Claudio Mazzotti     
page:      1065 - 1075
Concentration Of Pressure Between An Elastically Supported And A Moving Timoshenko-Beam (Article)
Subject: Continuant
Author: Eugenia Cojocaru     
page:      1076 - 1082
Perforation Thickness And Ballistic Limit Of Concrete Target Subjected To Rigid Projectile Impact (Article)
Subject: Penetration Rate
Author: G Li     
page:      1083 - 1091
Dynamic Of A Class Of Horizontal Setback Buildings (Article)
Subject: Buildings , Earthquake
Author: Sudhir K. Jain      S.C Jain     
page:      1092 - 1103
Computational Analysis Of Quality Reduction During Drying Of Lumber Due To Irrecoverable Deformation. I: Orthotropic Viscoelastic=Mechanosorptive-Plastic Material Model For The Transverse Plane Of Wood (Article)
Subject: Computational
Author: Antti Hanhijarvi      P Heinemeyer     
page:      996 - 1005