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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 10

Convection Velocity Of Vortex Structures In The Near Wake Of A Circular Cylinder (Article)
Subject: Velocity , Cylinders
Author: Chang Lin      S. S Hsieh     
page:      1108 - 1118
Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements Within A Laboratory-Generated Swash Zone (Article)
Subject: Flow Measurement , Wave Runup
Author: Edwin A. Cowen      M Souhar     
page:      1119 - 1129
Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurements Of The Turbulent Plume (Article)
Subject: Flow Measurements
Author: D.R. Webster     
page:      1130 - 1137
Field Measurement Of Ship Waves In Victoria Harbor (Article)
Subject: Wave Measurement
Author: A.T Chwang     
page:      1138 - 1148
Experimental Study Of A Horizontal Jet In A Wavy Environment (Article)
Subject: Buoyancy
Author: Nobuhito Mon     
page:      1149 - 1155
Partical Image Velocimetry System With Self-Organized Feature Map Algorithm (Article)
Subject: Tracking , Imaging
Author: Yong-Qi Chen     
page:      1156 - 1163
Shallow Turbulent Flows By Video Imaging Method (Article)
Subject: Imaging
Author: J Zhang     
page:      1164 - 1172
Simultaneous Particle Image Velocimetry And Laser Doppler Velocimetry Measurements Of Periodical Oscillatory Horseshoe Vortex System Near Square Cylinder-Base Plate Juncture (Article)
Subject: Flow Measurement , Imaging Techniques
Author: K. T Chang     
page:      1173 - 1188
Combined Particle Image Velocimetry/Planer Laser Induced Fluoresence For Integral Modeling Of Byoyant Ets (Article)
Subject: Byoyancy
Author: Adrian Wing-Keung Law     
page:      1189 - 1196
Laboratory Measurements Of Void Fraction And Turbulence In The Bore Region Of Surf Zone Waves (Article)
Subject: Measurements
Author: Daniel T Cox     
page:      1197 - 1205
Cluster Evolution And Flow-Frictional Characteristics Under Different Sediment Availabilities And Specific Gravity (Article)
Subject: Sediments
Author: Athanasios Papanicolaou     
page:      1206 - 1216