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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 11

Effects Of Seismically Induced Pounding At Expansion Joints Of Concrete Bridges (Article)
Subject: Impact , Bridges
Author: A Kim      Sang-Hoon Kim     
page:      1225 - 1234
Vibration Of Thik And Thin Plates Using A New Triangular Element (Article)
Subject: Plates , Vibration
Author: A.H Sheikh      P Dey     
page:      1235 - 1244
Elastic Stability And Second-Order Analysis Of Three-Dimensional Frames: Effects Of Column Orientation (Article)
Subject: Buckling , Columns , Computer Application
Author: A Ochoa     
page:      1254 - 1267
Instantaneous Optimal Wilson-O Control Method (Article)
Subject: Active Control
Author: O. Bahar     
page:      1268 - 1276
Poromechanics Of Anisotropic Hollow Cylinders (Article)
Subject: Poroelasticity , Porous Media
Author: Mazen Kanj     
page:      1277 - 1287
Estimating Uncertainty In The Extreme Value Analysis Of Data Generated By A Hurricane Simulation Model (Article)
Subject: Uncertainity
Author: Stuart Coles      Emil Simiu     
page:      1288 - 1294
Heterogeneous Strain And Bonded Granular Structure Change In Triaxial Specimen Studied By Computer Tomography (Article)
Subject: Granular Materials , Strains , Kinematics
Author: C Chang     
page:      1295 - 1307
Creep Analysis Of Axially Loaded Fiber Reinforced Polymer-Confined Concrete Columns (Article)
Subject: Concrete Columns , Axial Loads
Author: W Naguib      A Mirmiran     
page:      1308 - 1319
Investigation Of Two-And Three-Dimensional Models Of Transitional Flow Past A Square Cylinder (Article)
Subject: Two-Dimensional Model
Author: A. K Saha      K Muralidhar      G Biswas     
page:      1320 - 1329
Forced Vertical Vibration Of Circular Plate In Multilayered Poroelastic Medium (Article)
Subject: Vibration
Author: Teerapong Senjuntichai     
page:      1330 - 1341
Exact Solution For Dynamic Response Of Multi-Degree-Of Fredom Bilinear Hysteretic Systems (Article)
Subject: Dynamic Response , Dynamic Loads Modeling
Author: J Liu     
page:      1342 - 1350
Thermal Postbuckling Of Uniform Columns On Elastic Foundation-Intuitive Solution (Article)
Subject: Buckling , Columns , Elastic Foundation
Author: G. Venkateswara     
page:      1351 - 1354
Vibratory Characteristics Of Beams With Arbitrary Number Of Cracks (Article)
Subject: Beams
Author: Q Li     
page:      1355 - 1359