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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 12

Tension Buckling In Multilayer Elastomeric Bearings (Article)
Subject: Elastomeric Bearings
Author: James M Kelly     
page:      1363 - 1368
Refined Solutions Of Extermally Induced Sloshing In Half-Full Spherical Contaners (Article)
Subject: Sloshing , Storage Tanks , Seismic
Author: S. Papaspyrou      D. Valougeogris     
page:      1369 - 1379
Stress Solution Of Multiple Elliptic Hole Problem In Plane Elasticity (Article)
Subject: Elasticity
Author: L Zhang      P.S.C. Rao     
page:      1394 - 1407
Analytical Solution For Fluid-Structure Interaction In Liquid -Filled Pipes Subjected To Impact-Induced Water Hammer (Article)
Subject: Pipe Flow With Redial Work. , Fluid Structure
Author: Q Li      K Yang     
page:      1408 - 1417
Non-Gaussian Simulation: Cumulation: Cumulative Distribution Function Map-Based Spectral Correction (Article)
Subject: Simulation , Random Processes
Author: Forrest Masters      K. Gurley     
page:      1418 - 1428
Second-Order Radiation Boundary Condition For Water Wave Simulation With Large Angle Incidence (Article)
Subject: Finite Element Method , Water Waves
Author: Tai-Wen Hsu      Yuan-Jyh Lan     
page:      1429 - 1438
Confinement-Shear Lattice Model For Concrete Damage In Tension And Compression: I. Theory (Article)
Subject: Concrete , Fractures
Author: Gianluca Cusatis      Luigi Cedolin     
page:      1439 - 1448
Confinement-Shear Lattice Model For Concrete Damage In Tension And Compression: Ii Computation And Validation (Article)
Subject: Concrete , Microstructure
Author: Gianluca Cusatis      Luigi Cedolin     
page:      1449 - 1458
Electroheological And Magnetortheological Duct Flow In Shear-Flow In Shear-Flow Model Using Herchel-Bulkley Constitutive Model (Article)
Subject: Constitutive Model , Models
Author: Indra Widjaja      Bijan Samali     
page:      1459 - 1465
Seismic Design Of Structures By Bundled Columns (Article)
Subject: Seismic Design , Columns , Earthquake
Author: G.D. Hahn      B.P Champlin     
page:      1466 - 1474
Numerical Evaluation Of Uniform Beam Modes (Article)
Subject: Beams , Vibration , Buckling
Author: Y Tang     
page:      1475 - 1477
Characterization Of Cement-Based Materials Using Diffuse Ultrasound (Article)
Subject: Portland Cement , Ultrasonic Data
Author: Jens Becker      Laurence J. Jacobs     
page:      1478 - 1484
Analytical Modeling, System Identification, Tracking Performance Of Unixial Simulators (Article)
Subject: Seismic Response , Earthquake
Author: Brain S. Twitchell      Micheal D. Symans     
page:      1485 - 1493
Behavior Of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Beam Columns (Article)
Subject: Beams (Supports)
Author: Eiichi Inai      Makoto Kai     
page:      189 - 202
Constient Finite-Element Response Sensitivity Analysis (Article)
Subject: Finite Element Method
Author: J.P Conte      P.K. Vijalapura     
page:      1980 - 1393