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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 01

Phase 1 Iasc-Asce Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark Problem Using Simulated Data (Article)
Subject: Structural Safety , Damage Assessment
Author: E.A. Johnson      H.F Lam     
page:      03 - 15
Time-Domain Boundary Element Method For Underground Structures In Orthotropic Media (Article)
Subject: Anisotrophy , Underground Grid
Author: Zhang Chuhan     
page:      105 - 116
Two-Stage Structural Health Monitoring Approach For Phase I Benchmark Studies (Article)
Subject: Assessment Of Alkaline , Benchmark
Author: Ka-Veng Yuen      Siu Kui Au     
page:      16 - 33
Application Of A Statistical Model Updating Approach On Phase I Of The Iasc-Asce Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark Study (Article)
Subject: Benchmarks , Analysis
Author: H.F Lam     
page:      34 - 48
Natural Excitation Technique And Eigensystem Realization Algorithm For Phase I Of The Iasc-Asce Benchmark Problem: Simulated Data (Article)
Subject: Damage Assessment
Author: Juan Martin Caicedo      Shirley J Dyke     
page:      49 - 60
Flexibility Based Approch For Damage Characterization : Benchmark Application (Article)
Subject: Damage Assessment , Benchmark
Author: Dionisio Bernal      Burcu Gunes     
page:      61 - 70
Investigation Of A System Identification Methodology In The Context Of The Asce Benchmark Problem (Article)
Subject: Benchmarks , Damage Assessment
Author: Hilmi Lus      Raimondo Betti     
page:      70 - 84
Hilbert-Huang Based Approach For Structural Damage Detection (Article)
Subject: Damage Assessment , Structural
Author: J.N. Yang     
page:      85 - 95
Application Of Wavelet Approach For Asce Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark Studies (Article)
Subject: Damage Assessment
Author: Adriana Hera      Z Hou     
page:      96 - 104