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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 02

Constitutive Model Of High-Damping Rubber Matrials (Article)
Subject: Constitutive Model , Damping , Rubber Reuse , Mathematical Model
Author: Junji Yoshida      Masato Abe     
page:      129 - 141
Demage Detection Utilizing The Damage Index Method To A Benchmark Structure (Article)
Subject: Damage Assessment , Benchmark
Author: Luciana Barroso     
page:      142 - 151
Weighted Averaged Flux-Type Scheme For Shallow -Water Equations With Fractional Step Metgid (Article)
Subject: Shallow Water , Grid System , Numerical Model
Author: Dae-Hong Kim     
page:      152 - 160
Stochastic Analysis Of A Single -Degree Of Freedom Nonlinear Experimental Moored System Using An Independent Flow Field Model (Article)
Subject: Experimental Data , Nonlinear
Author: H. Lin     
page:      161 - 169
Identation Of The Free Falling Sharp Penetrometer Into A Poroelastic Seabed (Article)
Subject: Permeability , Pore Pressure
Author: D Elsworth     
page:      170 - 179
Reliability Of Uncertain Inelstic Structures Under Earthquake Excitation (Article)
Subject: Structural Reliability , Earthquake
Author: L Franchina     
page:      180 - 191
Model Selection Using Response Measurements: Bayeian Probabilistic Approach (Article)
Author: James L Beck     
page:      192 - 203
Separation Of Scales In Fracture Mechanics: From Molecular To Continuum Theory Via I Convergence (Article)
Subject: Fracture , Damage Assessment
Author: M.S. Gelli      M. Carfagni     
page:      204 - 215
Buckling Of Elastic Shallow Arches Using The Theory Of A Cosserat Point (Article)
Subject: Buckling , Elasticity
Author: M Rubin     
page:      216 - 224
An Integral Equation For Damage Identification Of Euler-Bernoulli Beams Under Statiuc Loads (Article)
Subject: Integral Equations , Damage Modeling
Author: Mario D. Paolo     
page:      225 - 234
Sampling Errors In The Estimation Of Peak Wind-Induced Internal Forces In Low-Rise Structures (Article)
Subject: Errors Parameters , Buildings , Multistory
Author: Fahim Sadek      Sofia Diniz     
page:      235 - 239
Experiments On Unsteady Turbulent Pipe Flow (Article)
Subject: Pipe Flow With Redial Work.
Author: John P. Viola     
page:      240 - 248