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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 03

Time Integration In Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (Article)
Subject: Discrete Elements Analyses. , Deformation , Computational , Rock Masses
Author: Dave Dooling     
page:      249 - 258
Energy Equation For Volatile Liquid Transport In Porous Media (Article)
Subject: Temperature , Energy Conversion , Porous Media , Liquid
Author: Lyle Prunty     
page:      259 - 266
Slope Stability Analysis With Nonlinear Faulure Criterion (Article)
Subject: Slope Stability , Soils And Foundations , Limit Analysis , Nonlinear Analysis
Author: Xiao-Li Yang     
page:      267 - 273
Large Deflection Stability Of Slender Beam-Columns With Semirigid Connections: Elastica Approach (Article)
Subject: Beams , Beam Column , Deflection , Nonlinear Analysis
Author: J. Dario Aristizabal-Ochoa     
page:      274 - 282
Modeling Faulure And Deformation Of An Assembly Of Spheres With Frictional Contacts (Article)
Subject: Granular Materials , Failures , Discrete Elements Analyses. , Simulation
Author: Akke S J Suiker     
page:      283 - 293
Least-Squares, Moment-Based, And Hybrid Polynomializations Of Drag Forces (Article)
Subject: Least-Squares Method , Polynomials , Drag Measurement , Dyanamic Programming
Author: Chih Young Liaw     
page:      294 - 302
Probabilistic Failure Analysis By Importance Sampling Markov Chain Simulation (Article)
Subject: Monte Cario Methods , Probabilistic Methods , Reliability Analysis , Structural Analysis
Author: S. K Au     
page:      303 - 311
Exploring The Use Of Three-Dimensional Dispersion To Damp Building Vibrations (Article)
Subject: Vibration , Earthquake Engineering , Damping
Author: Keith Macbain      W. R. Spillers     
page:      312 - 319
Shallow Water Wave Propagation In Convectively Accelerating Open-Channel Flow Induced By The Tailwater Effect (Article)
Subject: Hydraulic , Tailwater , Flow Resistance , Open Channel Flow
Author: Christina W-S Tsai      Ben Chie Yen     
page:      320 - 336
Robust Control For Structural Systems With Unstructured Uncertainties (Article)
Subject: Structural Control
Author: Paul N Roschke      Sheng-Guo Wang     
page:      337 - 346
Energy Balance Assessment Of Base-Isolated Structures (Article)
Subject: Energy , Computational , Finite Element Method , Structural Analysis
Author: Mark A Austin     
page:      347 - 358
Effects Of Prescribed End Motion On The Dynamic Stability Of A Shallow Arch On An Elastic Foundation (Article)
Subject: Arches , Stability , Elastic Foundation , Compression
Author: Jen-San Chen     
page:      359 - 362