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Magazine Name : Aea Papers And Proceedings

Year : 2019 Volume number : 109 Issue: 01

Work Of The Past, Work Of The Future (Article)
Subject: Well-Suppressed , No-Chattering Finite-Time Control , Sustainable Resources Transition , Sustainable Power Generation Fuel
Author: David H. Autor     
page:      01 - 32
Cultural Practices And Women'S Lives: Does Maternal Education Decrease Female Genital Cutting? (Article)
Subject: Female Genital Cutting (Fgc) , Women'S Physical Integrity , Female Circumcision , Vast Anthropological Literature
Author: Elisabetta De Cao      Giulia La Mattina     
page:      100 - 104
Gender In The Economics Profession I: Gender Equality And Positive Action: Evidence From Uk Universities (Article)
Subject: Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa) , Russell Group Top Research Universities , Female Representation In Economics Departments , Athena Scientific Women'S Academic Network
Author: Danula K. Gamage      Almudena Sevilla     
page:      105 - 109
Does Simple Information Provision Lead To More Diverse Classrooms? Evidence From A Field Experiment On Undergraduate Economics (Article)
Subject: Significant Gender , Under-Represented Racial/Ethnic Minority (Urm) , Stem Fields , Undergraduate Economics
Author: Amanda Bayer      Syon P. Bhanot      Fernando Lozano     
page:      110 - 114
Gender Inequality: Sources And Solutions: The Gender Socialization Of Children Growing Up In Nontraditional Families (Article)
Subject: Traditional Family , Father That Specializes In Labor Market Work , Mother That Specializes In Home Production , Children Are Growing Up Under This Traditional Arrangement
Author: Marianne Bertrand     
page:      115 - 121
Child Penalties Across Countries: Evidence And Explanations (Article)
Subject: Child Penalties Across Countries , Gender Convergence Over Time , Gender Inequality Persists , Long-Run Child Penalty In Earnings
Author: Camille Landais      Johanna Posch      Andreas Steinhauer      Josef Zweimuller     
page:      122 - 126
Shaping Norms: Parental Aspirations For Children'S Education: Is There A "Girl Effect"? Experimental Evidence From Rural Ethiopia (Article)
Subject: Parents In Poor Communities , Future Trajectory , Embodies Poor Families , Aspirations For The Future
Author: Tanguy Bernard      Stefan Dercon      Kate Orkin      Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse     
page:      127 - 132
Entertainment, Education, And Attitudes Toward Domestic Violence (Article)
Subject: World Health Organization , Gender Based Violence (Gbv) , Women'S Mental And Physical Well-Being , Entertainment Education "Edutainment"
Author: Abhijit Banerjee      Eliana La Ferrara      Victor Orozco     
page:      133 - 137
Changing Family Attitudes To Promote Female Employment (Article)
Subject: International Labour Organization , India'S Female Labour Force , Women'S Roles In Society , Female Employment
Author: Joshua T. Dean      Seema Jayachandran     
page:      138 - 142
Race And Policing: Now You See Me, Now You Don'T: The Geography Of Police Stops (Article)
Subject: Minorities Involved In Traffic Stops Is Frequently Citied , Evidence Of Racial Profiling , Veil Of Darkness (Vod) Test , Grogger And Ridgeway
Author: Jesse J. Kalinowski      Matthew B. Ross      Stephen L. Ross     
page:      143 - 147
Using Shifts In Deployment And Operations To Test For Racial Bias In Police Stops (Article)
Subject: Racial Bias , Highway Stops , Frisked By The Police , Long History In The Economics Of Discrimination Literature
Author: John M. Macdonald      Jeffrey Fagan     
page:      148 - 151
Police Use Of Force As An Extension Of Arrests: Examining Disparities Across Civilian And Officer Race (Article)
Subject: Embroiled , Police Tactics , National Coverage Of Officer-In-Volved Shootings , Low-Level Use-Of-Force Incident (Non-Shooting)
Author: Emily K. Weisburst     
page:      152 - 156
The Introduction Of Tasers And Police Use Of Firearms: Evidence From The Chicago Police Department (Article)
Subject: Key Role Of The Police , Firearms , National Data , Chicago Police Department
Author: Bocar Ba      Jeffrey Grogger     
page:      157 - 160
Disenfranchisement, Discrimination, Debt, Dignity, And Labor Markets: Disenfranchisement And Economic Inequality: Downstream Effects Of Shelby County V. Holder (Article)
Subject: Disenfranchisement , Economic Inequality , Downstream Effects Of Shelby County V. Holder , Labor Markets
Author: Abhay P. Aneja      Carlos F. Avenancio-Leon     
page:      161 - 165
Labor Market Conditions And Discrimination: Is There A Link? (Article)
Subject: Labor Market Conditions , Race-Based Employment Discrimination , Hypothesize , Tight Labor Market
Author: Karl David Boulware      Kenneth N. Kuttner     
page:      166 - 170
Student Debt And Labor Market Outcomes (Article)
Subject: Student Loan Debt , Labor Market Outcomes , Consumer Credit Panel , Low-Income Households
Author: Gerald Eric Daniels Jr.      Andria Smythe     
page:      171 - 175
Minimum Wages, Morality, And Efficiency: A Choice Experiment (Article)
Subject: Minimum Wage Legislation Tend , Focus On Issues Of Fairness , Right Versus Wrong , Choice Experiment
Author: Conor Lennon      Stephan Gohmann      Keith Teltser      Jose Fernandez     
page:      176 - 181
Policy And Vulnerable Populations: The Burgeoning Health Care Needs Of Aging Prisoners (Article)
Subject: Prison Population , Aging Prisoners , Burgeoning Health Care Needs , Major Private Prison Operator
Author: Hessam Bavafa      Anita Mukherjee     
page:      182 - 186
Examining Medicaid Expansion And The Treatment Of Substance Use Disorders (Article)
Subject: Medicaid Expansion , Treatment Of Substance , Fatal Drug Overdoses , Mental Health Condition
Author: Jevay Grooms      Alberto Ortega     
page:      187 - 191
Drug Violence, Immigration Enforcement, And Selectivity: Evidence From Mexican Immigrants (Article)
Subject: Drug Violence , Immigration Enforcement , Evidence From Mexican Immigrants , Interior Immigration Enforcement In The Unitd States
Author: Heriberto Gonzalez-Lozano      Sandra Orozco-Aleman     
page:      192 - 198
The Child Left Behind: Parental Incarceration And Adult Human Capital In The United States (Article)
Subject: Child Left Behind , Parantal Incarceration , Adult Human Capital , Economic And Psychological Effects
Author: Laura E. Henkhaus     
page:      199 - 203
Theory And Empirics Of Dynamic Matching: How (Not) To Allocate Affordable Housing (Article)
Subject: Affordable Housing To Families , Housing And Development Board , Determining A Suitable Policy , Imprecise
Author: Nick Arnosti      Peng Shi     
page:      204 - 208
Matching With Stochastic Arrival (Article)
Subject: Classic Matching Model Developed , Framework Describes Problems , Public Housing Authority , Allocating Housing Units
Author: Neil Thakral     
page:      209 - 212
Getting From High School Through College: Policies To Raise Educational Attainment: A Reason To Wait: The Effect Of Legal Status On Teen Pregnancy (Article)
Subject: Developed Countries , Immigrants , Undocumented , Legal Immigration Status
Author: Elira Kuka      Na'Ama Shenhav      Kevin Shih     
page:      213 - 217
A Cautionary Tale About Emergency Financial Assistance Without Services: Evidence From A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluation At A Community College (Article)
Subject: Cautionary Tale , Emergency Financial Assistance , Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluation , Community College
Author: William N. Evans      Melissa S. Kearney      Brendan Perry      James X. Sullivan     
page:      218 - 222
Attainment Effects Of Student Loans And Pell Grants (Article)
Subject: Attainment Effects , Student Loans , Pell Grants , Us Undergraduate Students Attend Open-Access Community Colleges
Author: Benjamin M. Marx      Lesley J. Turner     
page:      223 - 226
Exploring Variation In College Counselor Effectiveness (Article)
Subject: Exploring Variation In College Counselor Effectiveness , Low-Income Families , Greater Economic Opportunity , Top Income Quintile
Author: Andrew Barr      Ben Castleman     
page:      227 - 231
Human Capital In Lower And Middle Income Countries: The Right To Education Act: Trends In Enrollment, Test Scores, And School Quality (Article)
Subject: Human Capital , Lower And Middle Income Countries , Right To Education Act , Trends In Enrollment
Author: Manisha Shah      Bryce Steinberg     
page:      232 - 238
Us Criminal Deportations And Human Capital In Central America (Article)
Subject: Us Criminal Deportations , Deporting Gang Members , Immigration Responsibility Act , Control Migration
Author: Maria Micaela Sviatschi     
page:      239 - 242
Intergenerational Human Capital Spillovers: Indonesia'S School Construction And Its Effects On The Next Generation (Article)
Subject: Integrenerational Human Capital Spillovers , Indonesia'S School Construction , Intergenerational Persistence , Socioeconomic Status
Author: Bhashkar Mazumder      Maria Rosales-Rueda      Margaret Triyana     
page:      243 - 249
Research In Economic Education: Toward The Next Generation Of Scholarship: Challenges And Opportunities For Full Participation In Phd Training In Economics (Article)
Subject: Research In Economic Education , Minority Groups In The Economics Profession , Stymied , Dearth Of Minority
Author: Thomas D. Jeitschko     
page:      250 - 254
The Gender Gap In Undergraduate Economics Course Persistence And Degree Selection (Article)
Subject: Gender Gap , Undergraduate Economics Course Persistence , Potential Female Recruits Into Economics , Economics Bachelor'S Degree
Author: Laura J. Ahlstrom      Carlos J. Asarta     
page:      255 - 260
Gender Bias And Temporal Effects In Standard Evaluations Of Teaching (Article)
Subject: Gender Bias , Temporal Effects , Committee On The Status Of Women In The Economics Profession (Cswep) , Standard Evaluations Of Teaching (Set)
Author: Whitney Buser      Jill Hayter      Jill Hayter     
page:      261 - 265
Grades In Economics And Other Undergraduate Courses (Article)
Subject: Grades In Economics , Undergraduate Courses , Academic Degree Awarded , Grade Point Average (Gpa)
Author: William Walstad      William Bosshardt     
page:      266 - 270
Economic Inequality And Air Pollution: Does Environmental Policy Affect Income Inequality? Evidence From The Clean Air Act (Article)
Subject: Economic Inequality , Air Pollution , Environmental Policy , Clean Air Act
Author: Akshaya Jha      Peter H. Matthews      Nicholas Z. Muller     
page:      271 - 276
Discrimination In Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring? (Article)
Subject: Air Pollution Monitoring , Ambient Air Pollution Policies , Situ Monitoring , Environmental And Public Health Agencies
Author: Corbett Grainger      Andrew Schreiber     
page:      277 - 282
Bringing Satellite-Based Air Quality Estimates Down To Earth (Article)
Subject: Bringing Satellite-Based , Down To Earth , Sensitive Populations , Air Quality
Author: Meredith Fowlie      Edward Rubin      Reed Walker     
page:      283 - 288
Distributional Diversity In The National Accounts: Simplified Distributional National Accounts (Article)
Subject: Distributional Diversity , Distributional National Accounts , Survey Income Aggregates , Display Growth Levels
Author: Thomas Piketty      Emmanuel Saez      Gabriel Zucman     
page:      289 - 295
Unequal Distributions: Eg Dna Versus Dina Approach (Article)
Subject: Unequal Distributions , Eg Dna Versus Dina Approach , Distributional Information , Household Sector
Author: Jorrit Zwijnenburg     
page:      296 - 301
Improving The Measure Of The Distribution Of Personal Income (Article)
Subject: Distribution Of Personal Income , Gdp , Reinvigorated , Produce Distributional Measures
Author: Dennis Fixler      Marina Gindelsky      David Johnson     
page:      302 - 306
Top 1 Percent Income Shares: Comparing Estimates Using Tax Data (Article)
Subject: Individual Tax Return Data , Top Income Shares , Missing Income Sources , Comparing Estimates Using Tax Data
Author: Gerald Auten      David Splinter     
page:      307 - 311
Causes And Consequences Of Rising Concentration In The United States Economy: Fading Stars (Article)
Subject: Consequences Of Rising Concentration , United States Economy , Growing Literature Emphasizes , Large Firms
Author: German Gutierrez      Thomas Philippon     
page:      312 - 316
Measuring Labor Market Power Two Ways (Article)
Subject: Measuring Labor Market , Power Two Ways , Employer Power , Widespread Monopsony
Author: Jose Azar      Joana Marinescu      Marshall Steinbaum     
page:      317 - 321
Common Ownership And The Secular Stagnation Hypothesis (Article)
Subject: Secular Stagnation Hypothesis , Persistent Decline In Growth , Modern Terms , Attainable Interest Rate
Author: Xavier Vives      Jose Azar     
page:      322 - 326
Intentional And Unintentional Effects Of Safety Net Programs: Four Years Later: Insurance Coverage And Access To Care Continue To Diverge Between Aca Medicaid Expansion And Non-Expansion States (Article)
Subject: Intentional And Unintentional Effects Of Safety Net Programs , Insurance Coverage , Diverge , Aca Medicaid Expansion
Author: Sarah Miller      Laura R. Wherry     
page:      327 - 333
Big Data In The Modern Economy: The Impact Of Big Data On Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation (Article)
Subject: Dramatic Improvements , Data-Enabled Decision Systems Scales , Empirical Investigation , Data Feedback Loop
Author: Patrick Bajari      Victor Chernozhukov      Ali Hortacsu      Junichi Suzuki     
page:      33 - 37
Does Elite Capture Matter? Local Elites And Targeted Welfare Programs In Indonesia (Article)
Subject: Capture Matter , Local Elites , Targeted Welfare Program , Economists Tend
Author: Vivi Alatas      Rema Hanna      Benjamin A. Olken      Ririn Purnamasari     
page:      334 - 339
Long-Term Treatment Effects Of Job Search Assistance And Training: A Summary Of Recent Evidence (Article)
Subject: Long-Term Treatment , Three Large-Scale Active Labor Market Programs , Nevada Reemployment Eligibility Assessment Program (Nevada Rea) , Workforce Investment Act Adult And Dislocated Worker Programs (Wia Gold)
Author: Day Manoli      Ankur Patel     
page:      340 - 343
Sustainable Economic Growth And Well-Being: A Well-Being Snapshot In A Changing World (Article)
Subject: Sustainable Economic Growth , Well-Being Snapshot , Globalized , Changing World
Author: Daniel J. Benjamin      Kristen B. Cooper      Ori Heffetz      Miles Kimball     
page:      344 - 349
Economic Institutions And Social Progress (Article)
Subject: Economic Institutions , Social Progress , Historical Matter , Long-Term Economic Peerformance
Author: Daniel C. Fehder      Michael E. Porter      Scott Stern     
page:      350 - 356
The Gig Economy: The Rise Of The Gig Economy: Fact Or Fiction? (Article)
Subject: Gig Economy , Rise Of The Gig Economy , Fact Or Fiction , Job Mediated Through Online Platforms
Author: Katharine G. Abraham      John Haltiwanger      Kristin Sandusky      James Spletzer     
page:      357 - 361
The Evolution Of The Online Platform Economy: Evidence From Five Years Of Banking Data (Article)
Subject: Online Platform Economy , Growing Fraction Of Families Generate Income , Digital Marketplaces , Mediating Payment
Author: Diana Farrell      Fiona Greig      Amar Hamoudi     
page:      362 - 366
What Do Big Data Tell Us About Why People Take Gig Economy Jobs? (Article)
Subject: Why People Take Gig Economy Jobs , Point-In-Time Estimates , Identifying Gig Workers , Household Balance Sheets
Author: Dmitri K. Koustas     
page:      367 - 371
Older Workers And The Gig Economy (Article)
Subject: Old Workers , Healthy Economy , Female Labor Force Participation , Gig Economy
Author: Cody Cook      Rebecca Diamond      Paul Oyer     
page:      372 - 376
Rent Control: Who Pays For Rent Control? Heterogeneous Landlord Response To San Francisco'S Rent Control Expansion (Article)
Subject: Steadily Rising Housing Rents , Reignited , Enacting Rentcontrol Provisions , Natural Experiments
Author: Tim Mcquade      Franklin Qian      Rebecca Diamond     
page:      377 - 380
Big Data And Firm Dynamics (Article)
Subject: Firm Dynamics , Data-Savvy Firms , Macroeconomic Role Of Data , Information Technology And Market Concentration
Author: Maryam Farboodi      Roxana Mihet      Thomas Philippon      Laura Veldkamp     
page:      38 - 42
Ending Rent Control Reduced Crime In Cambridge (Article)
Subject: Neighborhood Prosperity , Safety Typically Trend , Affluent House-Holds Enter , Criminal Activity Falls
Author: Christopher J. Palmer      Parag A. Pathak      David H. Autor     
page:      381 - 384
The Effects Of Second-Generation Rent Control On Land Values (Article)
Subject: Harms , Rent Control On Land Values , Long Run Exacerbate , Housing Shortages
Author: Andreas Mense      Claus Michelsen      Konstantin A. Kholodilin     
page:      385 - 388
Spatial Misallocation And Rent Controls (Article)
Subject: Spatial Misallocation , Rent Controls , Rental Housing Market , Flexible Rent Sector Coexists
Author: Guillaume Chapelle      Etienne Wasmer      Pierre-Henri Bono     
page:      389 - 392
Housing Supply Dynamics Under Rent Control: What Can Evictions Tell Us? (Article)
Subject: Housing Supply Dynamics Under Rent Control , Evictions , Tenant Activists Champion , Mature Controlled System
Author: Brian J. Asquith     
page:      393 - 396
The Future Of Economic Research Under Rising Risks And Costs Of Information Disclosure: Why The Economics Profession Must Actively Participate In The Privacy Protection Debate (Article)
Subject: Future Of Economic Research , Information Disclosure , Economics Profession , Privacy Protection Debate
Author: John M. Abowd      Ian M. Schmutte      William N. Sexton      Lars Vilhuber     
page:      397 - 402
Differential Privacy And Census Data: Implications For Social And Economic Research (Article)
Subject: Privacy And Census Data , Social And Economic Research , Census Bureau , Aggregate-Level Tabular Data
Author: Steven Ruggles      Catherine Fitch      Diana Magnuson      Jonathan Schroeder     
page:      403 - 408
Reconciling Data Access And Privacy: Building A Sustainable Model For The Future (Article)
Subject: Reconciling Data Access And Privacy , Building A Sustainable Model , Social Science Researches , Census Data Collected
Author: Katharine G. Abraham     
page:      409 - 413
A Practical Method To Reduce Privacy Loss When Disclosing Statistics Based On Small Samples (Article)
Subject: Reduce Privacy Loss , Disclosing Statistics Based , Swocial Scientists , Descriptive Statistics
Author: Raj Chetty      John N. Priedman     
page:      414 - 420
Monetary Policy Frameworks And The Zero Lower Bound: Monetary Policy Strategies For A Low-Rate Environment (Article)
Subject: Monetary Policy Frameworks , Zero Lower Bound , Low-Rate Environment , Neutral Stance For Monetary Policy
Author: Ben S. Bernanke      Michael T. Kiley      John M. Roberts     
page:      421 - 426
Monetary Policy Frameworks And The Effective Lower Bound On Interest Rates (Article)
Subject: Monetary Policy Frameworks , Lower Bound , Interest Rate , Inflation Expectations
Author: Thomas M. Mertens      John C. Williams     
page:      427 - 432
Empirical Bayes Estimation Of Treatment Effects With Many A/B Tests: An Overview (Article)
Subject: Large-Scale Experimentation , Screen Innovation , Randomized Controlled Trials , Anti-Poverty Interventions To Designing Nudges
Author: Eduardo M. Azevedo      Alex Deng      Jose L. Montiel Olea      E. Glen Weyl     
page:      43 - 47
Policy Options At The Zero Lower Bound When Foresight Is Limited (Article)
Subject: Policy Options , Foresight Is Limited , Gobal Financial Crisis , Countercyclical Fiscal Policy
Author: Michael Woodford      Yinxi Xie     
page:      433 - 437
Using Micro Data To Understand Macro Aggregates: Minding Your Ps And Qs: Going From Micro To Macro In Measuring Prices And Quantities (Article)
Subject: Micro Data , Macro Aggregates , Quantities , Micro To Macro
Author: Gabriel Ehrlich      Matthew D. Shaprio      John Haltiwanger      Ron Jarmin     
page:      438 - 443
Measuring Productivity: Lessons From Tailored Surveys And Productivity Benchmarking (Article)
Subject: Measuring Productivity , Tailored Surveys , Productivity Benchmarking , Generate Economic Activity
Author: David Atkin      Amit K. Khandelwai      Adam Osman     
page:      444 - 449
Aggregation And The Gravity Equation (Article)
Subject: Gravity Equation , Aggregation , Empirical Relationships , Bilateral Frictions
Author: Stephen J. Redding      David E. Weinstein     
page:      450 - 455
Job-To-Job Transitions, Labor Force Participation, And The Output Gap: New Evidence On The Cyclicality Of Employer-To-Employer Flows From Canada (Article)
Subject: Job-To-Job Transitions , Output Gap , Cmployer-To-Employer Flows , Labor Force Participation
Author: Alice Nakamura      Emi Nakamura      Kyle Phong      Jon Steinsson     
page:      456 - 460
Flow Origins Of Labor Force Participation Fluctuations (Article)
Subject: Flow Origins , Labor Force Participation Fluctuations , Aftermath , Historic Cyclical Decline
Author: Michael Elsby      Bart Hobun      Fatih Karahan      Gtzem Kosar     
page:      461 - 464
Is Inflation Just Around The Corner? The Phillips Curve And Global Inflationary Pressures (Article)
Subject: Phillips Curve , Global Inflationary Pressures , Great Recession , Gradually Turning
Author: Olivier Coibion      Yuriy Gorodnichenko      Mauricio Ulate     
page:      465 - 469
The Next Crisis: From Where And Are We Ready?: Macroprudential Policy: What We'Ve Learned, Don'T Know, And Need To Do (Article)
Subject: Macroprudential Policy , What We'Ve Learned, Don'T Know, And Need To Do , Why Did No One See It Comming? , Macroprudential Risks
Author: Kristin J. Forbes     
page:      470 - 475
China Versus The United States: Ims Meets Ips (Article)
Subject: China Versus The United States , Ims Meets Ips , International Monetary System , Established Hegemon
Author: Emmanuel Farhi      Matteo Maggiori     
page:      476 - 481
The Impact Of Digital Economy: Mobile Wallet And Entrepreneurial Growth (Article)
Subject: Financial Technology , Mobile Payment , Mobile Wallet Payments , Entrepreneurial Growth
Author: Sumit Agarwal      Wenlan Qian      Bernard Y. Yeung      Xin Zou     
page:      48 - 53
Some Principles For Regulating Cyber Risk (Article)
Subject: Regulating Cyber Risk , International Framework For Capital Standards , Loss-Absorbing Capital , Failed Internal Processes
Author: Anil K. Kashyap      Anne Wetherilt     
page:      482 - 487
Taxing In A Globalized World: Profit Shifting In A Globalized World (Article)
Subject: Taxing In A Globalilzed World , Profit Shifting , Cross-Border Tax Avoidance , Multinational Corporation (Mncs)
Author: Dhammika Dharmapala     
page:      488 - 492
How Elastic Is The Demand For Tax Havens? Evidence From The Us Possessions Corporations Tax Credit (Article)
Subject: Elastic Is The Demand For Tax Havens , Us Possessions Corporations Tax Credit , Firms Use Tax Havens , Limiting Profit Shifting
Author: Daniel Garrett      Carlos Suarez Serrato     
page:      493 - 499
Challenges Of Monitoring Tax Compliance By Multinational Firms: Evidence From Chile (Article)
Subject: Monitoring Tax Compliance , International Tax Avoidance , Policy Debates , Ownership Structures
Author: Sebastian Bustos      Dina Pomeranz      Jose Vila-Belda      Gabriel Zucman     
page:      500 - 505
Development And Financial History: The Quality Of Banks At Stigmatized Lending Facilities (Article)
Subject: Development And Financial History , Quality Of Banks , Stigmatized Lending Facilities , Emergency Lending Facility
Author: Sriya Anbil      Angela Vossmeyer     
page:      506 - 510
Does Getting Health Insurance Affect Women'S Fertility? Evidence From The United Mine Workers' Health Insurance (Article)
Subject: Health Insurance , Women'S Fertility , United Mine Workers , Quality Versus Quantity Trade-Off
Author: Erin Troland      Theodore F. Figinski     
page:      511 - 515
Traditional Medicine In Central Africa (Article)
Subject: Central Africa , Sub-Saharan Africa , Puzzlingly Low Demand , Important Factor Contributing
Author: Sara Lowes      Eduardo Montero     
page:      516 - 520
Economic Consequences Of Dominant Currencies: The Rise Of The Dollar And Fall Of The Euro As International Currencies (Article)
Subject: Dominant Currencies , Modern Notion , Foreign Exchange Reserves , Global Foreign Exchange Markets
Author: Brent Neiman      Jesse Schreger      Matteo Maggiori     
page:      521 - 526
Dollar Invoicing And The Heterogeneity Of Exchange Rate Pass-Through (Article)
Subject: International Goods Trade , Dominant Currency , Dominant Currency Paradigm (Dcp) , Analyzing Trade Responses
Author: Emine Boz      Gita Gopinath      Mikkel Plagborg-Moller     
page:      527 - 532
Exports And Invoicing: Evidence From The 2015 Swiss Franc Appreciation (Article)
Subject: Exports And Invoicing , Swiss Frac Appreciation , Swiss National Bank'S (Snb) , Quantities Respond
Author: Raphael Auer      Ariel Burstein      Katharina Erhardt      Sarah M. Lein     
page:      533 - 538
Topics In Economic Theory I: Neutral Bargaining In Financial Over-The-Counter Markets (Article)
Subject: Topics In Economic Theory , Neutral Bargaining , Financial Over-The-Counter Markets (Otc) , Asset Owner
Author: Jin Yeub Kim     
page:      539 - 544
Generational Differences In Managing Personal Finances (Article)
Subject: Managing Personal Finances , Digital Consumer Economy Characterized , Highest Risk Of Disruption , Financial Management Technology
Author: Bruce Carlin      Arna Olafsson      Michaela Pagel     
page:      54 - 59
Topics In Economic Theory Ii: Information And Communication In Organizations (Article)
Subject: Topics In Economic Theory , Poor-Quality Asset , Good Decision Marking In Organization , Potential Reasons
Author: Inga Deimen      Dezso Szalay     
page:      545 - 549
Optimal Information Design For Search Goods (Article)
Subject: Optimal Information Design , Search Goods , Fast-Growing Literature , Industrial Organization
Author: Marilyn Pease      Michael Choi      Kyungmin Kim     
page:      550 - 556
Foundations Of Belief Formation: Perceptual And Cognitive Biases, Emotional Coloring, And The Role Of Memory: Noisy Memory And Over-Reaction To News (Article)
Subject: Foundations Of Belief Formation , Perceptual , Cognitive Biases , Role Of Memory
Author: Rava Azeredo Da Silveira      Michael Woodford     
page:      557 - 561
Cognitive Abilities And Inflation Expectations (Article)
Subject: Cognitive Abilities , Cross-Sectional Variation , Gennaioli Households , Inflation Expectations
Author: Francesco D'Acunto      Daniel Hoang      Maritta Paloviita      Michael Weber     
page:      562 - 566
Emotional Tagging And Belief Formation: The Long-Lasting Effects Of Experiencing Communism (Article)
Subject: Rational Beliefs Paradigm , Long Faced Empirical Criticism , Microeconomics , Experiencing Communism
Author: Christine Laudenbach      Ulrike Malmendier      Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi     
page:      567 - 571
Memory And Reference Prices: An Application To Rental Choice (Article)
Subject: Rental Choice , Lower Rents , Comparable Locals , Precise Psychology
Author: Nicola Gennaili      Pedro Bordalo      Andrei Shleifer     
page:      572 - 576
How Fintech Enters China'S Credit Market (Article)
Subject: Online Trading Platforms Generate Abundant Vendor , Consumer Data Accessible , Credit Analysis , Fintech Firms
Author: Harald Hau      Yi Huang      Hongzhe Shan      Zixia Sheng     
page:      60 - 64
Applied Machine Learning: Ensemble Methods For Causal Effects In Panel Data Settings (Article)
Subject: Prediction Problems , Prediction Methods (Ensembles) , Regression Trees , Netfix Prize Competion
Author: Susan Athey      Mohsen Bayati      Guido Imbens      Zhaonan Qu     
page:      65 - 70
Augmenting Pre-Analysis Plans With Machine Learning (Article)
Subject: Randomized Controlled Trials (Rcts) , Machine Learning , Negative Income Tax Experiments , Augmenting Pre-Analysis Plans
Author: Jens Ludwig      Jann Spiess      Sendhil Mullainathan     
page:      71 - 76
Mastering Panel Metrics: Causal Impact Of Democracy On Growth (Article)
Subject: Democracy , Economic Growth , Long Standing Interest , Mastering Panel Metrics
Author: Shuowen Chen      Ivan Fernandez-Val      Victor Chernozhukov     
page:      77 - 82
Cryptocurrency Markets: Currency Substitution Under Transaction Costs (Article)
Subject: Major Selling Point , Cryptocurrencies , Anonymous Payments , Currency Substitution Under Transaction Costs
Author: Linda M. Schilling      Harald Uhlig     
page:      83 - 87
Blockchains, Coordination, And Forks (Article)
Subject: Blockchains , Forks , Distributed Ledger , Network Participants Update
Author: Bruno Biais      Christophe Bisiere      Matthieu Bouvard      Catherine Casamatta     
page:      88 - 92
An Economist'S Perspective On The Bitcoin Payment System (Article)
Subject: Bitcoin Payment System , Decentralized Network , Proof Of Work (Pow) , Distributed Computer Systems
Author: Gur Huberman      Jacob D. Leshno      Ciamac Moallemi     
page:      93 - 96
Price Discovery In Cryptocurrency Markets (Article)
Subject: Cryptocurrency Markets , Classic Asset Bubble , Bitcoin , Economists Typically Define A Bubble
Author: Igor Makarov      Antoinette Schoar     
page:      97 - 99